Terracotta for Outdoors

With more than 40 years’ experience, Fornace Cotto Antico is an expert producer of external terracotta flooring. Our studio and the traditions we follow each day in our kilns have enabled us to develop specific techniques to create terracotta flooring for outdoor  environments.

During the creation of terracotta for outdoor use, several aspects are considered ranging from the choice of clay to the type of firing of each tile




Not all clays are equal. Some have elements which give them a particular aesthetic, others have greater durability or flexibility. Over the years we have conducted numerous tests on clays from Umbria, Marche and Emilia. These tests have unequivocally demonstrated that  Tuscan clay is the best. We further improve its durability by allowing it to dry naturally immediately after extraction.

Each type of clay is baked at its own specific optimum temperature. For example a brick made from Umbrian clay requires a temperature of 1000°C or over, whereas Tuscan clay, which has a high iron content, needs to be baked at 1020°C. The higher the temperature of the kiln, the stronger the material is in relation to freezing and climatic variations. For this reason, our terracotta is perfect for external environments.

Another characteristic which determines the strength of the terracotta is the way in which the clay is mixed. There are precise rules that govern the amount of clay required to make the mixture, and these vary depending upon the type of clay being used. The artisans of Fornace Cotto Antico use the traditional recipes that have been used for centuries and are key to producing long-lasting floors whose beauty is timeless.

Fornace Cotto Antico produces terracotta for external environments that not only marry elegance and practicality
but is nearly indestructible. Just as terracotta used to be.


Fornace Cotto Antico terracotta is certified to withstand winter temperatures ( to -15°C) as well as thermal stress from temperature fluctuations. Our Tuscan clay is further strengthened during its firing at 1020°C. Furthermore the clay-water mixture is worked by hand to avoid any air-bubbles, thus ensuring internal structural integrity.


External Terracotta made by Fornace Cotto Antico is extremely compact and durable. It is guaranteed and certified to withstand the stress of vehicles being driven over it.


Even when it is raining, external terracotta offers good adherence. The natural porosity of the tile makes pavements safer, greatly reducing the risk of slipping.