Terracotta Flooring for Outdoors made with Rose-coloured Tuscan clay

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Outdoor Paving in Terracotta: Freeze-proof, Anti-Slip and you can drive on it.

pavimenti in cotto per esterni

Terracotta Flooring for outdoors: Freeze-proof, Anti-slip and Vehicle-proof.

For half a century, Fornace Cotto Antico has become the go-to specialist  for outdoor terracotta flooring.

Using non-specialists to make and lay your floor runs the risk of costing much more money than you bargained for. In a few months it could be in a terrible condition. Here is such an example.

pavimenti in cotto per esterni

This is what will happen to flooring that uses terracotta that has not been baked to a high enough temperature. To fix it, there is no alternative to spending more money to replace the low quality tiles.

pavimenti in cotto per esterni

Yellow toned terracotta bricks – Fornace Cotto Antico


We guarantee the use of Tuscan Terracotta, which, is fired at 1020°C to make it practically indestructible. We guarantee that our flooring is resistant to extreme temperatures (tested up to -10°C) and resistant to temperature fluctuations. Don’t worry about how exposed the place you live is, our terracotta tiles are guaranteed for a lifetime.

In addition to certifying the freeze-proofing of our floors we also certify that the floors are anti-slip, which today is essential in places which are open to the public.