Italian S Tile

Unfortunately, even our sector is not immune from the presence of scams. Over the years, I have seen many examples of clients who have been taken in by inexpert floor layers.

There are two things clients need to be wary of:

  1. The first is that the hand-made floor is in fact machine made.
  2. The second, is that the floor is not a “Made in Italy” floor.

Leaving aside the ethics of scammers, how can you tell what to avoid?

  1. Colour
    A dull brown terracotta. This is very different from our vibrant pink and red terracotta and is a clear sign that there has been a flaw in the firing process, meaning that the terracotta has not reached the ideal temperature to make it freeze resistant. If you buy a floor like this, you run the risk of the type of damage seen  in the photograph.
  2. Grainy texture
    If the terracotta is grainy to the touch, then it is not an Italian terracotta.
  3. Smooth Sides
    Examine the sides of the tiles (see photograph). Our terracotta tiles are smooth, because after it has set in the wooden mould, we shave the product with a knife to eliminate irregularities. If it does not exhibit this finish it has been machine-made in an iron mould.